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The meeting point between scientists and the public is golden. That's our place. As a scientific boundary organization we facilitate mutual comprehension of scientific results, allowing better cooperation. We effectively translate information across scales and between scientists and decision makers because we understand their research needs.
We operate independently by building trust and feedback between scientists, policy makers, and the public.

Why People Choose Us?

25 years of combined

Our team guarantees the results you need. That's what our titles mean.

Scientific Approach

Your needs are our research work.

Global Solutions

Science is universal and so are its needs and scope. We speak that language.

Services We Do

Science Communication

We love talking and writing about science to specialists and the public.

Science Policy Planning

We provide of scientific advice to decision makers creating impact decisions.  

Statistical Data Analysis

We can translate complex data into useful tools for analysis and debate.

Our Team

Camilo Delgado, PhD

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Physicist, PhD in Physics

Hugo J. Bohórquez, PhD

Founder & CEO

Physicist, PhD in Chemistry

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